Saturday, November 26, 2011

Yellowstone National Park - A Unique View of Lower Falls

THIS PHOTO INSPIRED BY TRUE EVENTS (SEE SHORT YOUTUBE VIDEO BELOW):  While on an early morning adventure with my son to visit the Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River, we just had to stop along the way to throw rocks down the canyon.  With a 4 year old, nothing is ever as easy as just going to our planned destination and then returning the same way we came.  We had just finished visiting the famous Artist Point location to view the falls (second photo below - look familiar?) and were heading back to the car when we took a detour to look at the yellow cliffs, throw some rocks and check out the squirrels.  After a while of watching the joy in my son's eyes as he was doing what a 4 year old does, I noticed that this particular view of the falls and the cliffs was breathtaking.  The early morning sun kept half of the canyon in the shade and the nearby cliffs were especially colorful.  The trees growing precariously along the edge added to the mystique of this ancient canyon.

Traditional View of Lower Falls from Artist Point:

So, credit for this spectacular view of the Lower Falls goes to my son, the mighty Yellowstone rock thrower and wildlife hunter.

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