Sunday, June 12, 2016

Canyon de Chelly National Monument

My daughter and I spent 3 Incredible Days Exploring Canyons and Iconic Views of the Southwest - This is the fifth post of our adventure

Having only a little time to spend here, we picked the White House Indian Ruins overlook for our view of the canyon.  We were greeted with breathtaking views of this ancient place.  The clouds rolled through casting shadows and changing the colors of the canyon walls at times.

My daughter helped me find the location of the famous White House indian ruins.  Built into the cliff face, the White House and it’s village below really give a sense of how the ancient indians lived in this canyon.

The cliff face above the White House is stunning with its sheer size and variety of colors.    

The photo below was taken with my daughter's iPod using the Pano option. 

Next time we visit, there are 4x4 tours into the canyon and one non-guided hiking trail to the bottom to visit the White House.  It would be a wholly different experience being in the canyon and looking up at the ruins and cliff walls. 

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