Thursday, January 30, 2014

Horseshoe Bend (Near Page, AZ)

Horseshoe Bend is a popular destination for photographers and is located just south of the City of Page, AZ. The mighty Colorado River exits Lake Powell and begins its long and winding journey to the Grand Canyon. Horseshoe Bend is quite remarkable as the river takes an almost 360 degree turn around the deep canyons that it helped to create. 

Notice the clothes on the photographer (Billy R) below. It was about 25 degrees and dropping as night was setting in.  Each location around the bend offers a fantastic perspective. 

The photographer below had his tripod leaning out over the precipice.  Funny story.  As the sun was going down, this guy convinced me to stay a while in order to photograph the stars.  I was about to leave as it was about 18 degrees but decided to be a tough guy and accept his invitation.  Then, he told me he was hiking back to his car to get something and be right back (the trail is less than a mile, but longer than I wanted to hike there and back at night).  So I hung out as the night just got darker and darker.  No stars yet, but dark and cold nevertheless.  Now it got too cold and I had a pair of long underwear in my backpack (no, I wasn't wearing them because earlier it wasn't as cold.)  I made the executive decision that if I was going to stay for a while, I needed to take my boots and pants off and throw them on as quickly as possible.  Well, that was a fun time with no light, standing on boulders next to a huge canyon and trying to get them on while freezing my ___ off!  When I finally got my boots back on, my toes felt frostbitten and my legs weren't much better.  The warmth I expected wasn't really happening.  After waiting another 15 minutes, I finally said forget this and packed it up hiking the dark trail back to the car - had I not had a flashlight, it would have been a huge problem.  I think I saw one star come out that whole time and don't ever remember seeing the guy come back and his car was not in the parking lot when I got there.  Sucker!!!!  

This was my first visit to the snow laced canyon and I can honestly say it won't be my last visit. Pictures are beautiful but being there and watching the sun bounce off the walls and water is an amazing experience.  Just make sure you don't let some crazy photographer talk you into staying to shoot the stars in the middle of the coldest part of December.

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