Thursday, May 19, 2011

Kent Springs in Madera Canyon (Green Valley)

A 5+ mile hike with 2400' elevation gain... Labeled "Moderate".... I give it a "Strenuous" when carrying bulky camera gear! After arriving to Kent Springs (at the highest point of the trail), it was really refreshing to shed the pack and sit/listen to the bubbling cold water coming out of the ground (and throwing it on my face!) Isn't that what life is like sometimes? We have mountains or obstacles to overcome, but at some point HE leads us beside still waters to be renewed and revived.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sedona Hikes

I was able to take two hikes in Sedona in February.  The highest temperature of the day, you ask?  18 degrees.  Don't let the sunny days fool you....It was COLD (especially for a native of Phoenix.)  Since I was hiking alone and uncertain there would be any other crazies on the trail, I was in full survival gear mode -- just in case something happened I would hopefully be able to survive sub-zero temperatures at night.  Everything went according to plan and I enjoyed the peaceful serenity and expansive views of one of the most beautiful places on the planet.  Special thanks to Great Sedona Hikes for the excellent descriptions of hikes in Sedona.

Doe Mountain Hike

Fay Canyon Hike (and Fay Canyon Natural Arch)

Wet Beaver Creek

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Spring Flowers and Baby Ducks

We barely remembered the agony of planting 100 individual tulip bulbs in our front garden when the fruits of our labor produced a spectacular show of color and beauty.

Erin spent about 3 months coaxing me into buying a pair of ducks for Easter.  Being a city slicker I was very hesitant and my farm girl bride just kept nudging me..... All of a sudden we were getting in the car and driving to a feed store.... I don't actually remember saying yes to this plan.  Anyway, it's been quite an adventure with our new babies.  The kids are learning to take care of these precious animals named "Good Friday" and "Easter Egg".  The current game plan is to ship them off to the family farm in Washington when they grow up so we can visit them every summer.

Our fierce hamster aka "little guy" visits the ducks.

Happy Easter!!!

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