Sunday, May 8, 2016

Monument Valley

My daughter and I spent 3 Incredible Days Exploring Canyons and Iconic Views of the Southwest - This is the fourth post of our adventure

We found an old tree whose branches framed the photo above.  The mix of lighting between shade and sunlight with clouds in the distance make it one of my favorites.

This picture above really needs no title as most of the world has seen this landscape in the movies (John Wayne!) or photos of the Southwest.  My daughter hadn’t seen it nor I in person.  It’s stunning to pull up to the visitor center and  peer out over the valley floor  and the formations called the Mittens.  The winding road pictured is the 17 mile loop that takes one through this unbelievable terrain.

When we first arrived there was not a single cloud in the sky.  Needless to say I was bummed as the landscape shots would be missing the much needed contrast from blue skies.  Still, we began our trek down the 17 mile loop to explore the Valley.  We were mesmerized around every corner with unique formations, huge boulders, wild horses, red canyons and never ending vistas.  

As we were on the back end of the loop, the clouds started rolling in.  We were getting out of the car more frequently to capture the changing light that brought the formations to life.  

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