Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Horseshoe Bend, Page AZ - A Memorable Sunrise

My daughter and I spent 3 Incredible Days Exploring Canyons and Iconic Views of the Southwest - This is the second post of our adventure

A Memorable Sunrise

After a long day hike through Wire Pass and Buckskin Gulch I asked my daughter if she wanted to visit Horseshoe Bend at sunrise.  It would involve us going to bed right away (around 9:00 pm - no problem as we were wiped) and rising around 4:45 am to be on the road by 5:15 am.  We would have to drive only a few miles outside of Page, wear our warmest clothing and hike in pitch black with our headlights for about 1/2 mile in an effort to be at the canyon by 5:45 am.  Sunrise around 6:25 am.  The other option was to visit the Bend in the afternoon with the 1000’s of other spring break tourist groups when the sun would be at its highest and bleaching out a lot of the colors.  Was she up for a pre-sunrise excursion in the 36 degree darkness?  You better believe it!!

We arrived at the edge of the Bend and had the best setup options with only a couple other die hard photographers in sight.  Then we watched the earliest rays of light tinge the sky and start to unveil the massive expanse before us.

Horseshoe Bend is a popular destination for photographers and is located just south of the City of Page, AZ. The mighty Colorado River exits Lake Powell and begins its long and winding journey to the Grand Canyon. Horseshoe Bend is quite remarkable as the river takes an almost 360 degree turn around the deep canyons that it helped to create.  See letter "A" in the map.

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